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Reasons to Consider Concrete Resurfacing for Your Home or Business

Concrete Resurfacing

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Home and business owners alike can benefit from concrete resurfacing. Keep reading to learn about each valuable feature of this flooring service.


Improves a Property’s Appearance


Every square foot of a property, including pool decks, patios, and kitchens, contributes to a property’s overall appeal. A cracked or stained concrete slab detracts from the aesthetics. If you have concrete that has seen better days, you might feel embarrassed to have guests over.

 Resurfacing the concrete revitalizes its appearance and reverses visible signs of wear and tear. Adding decorative touches further beautifies your concrete’s appearance.


Increases the Value of the Home or Business


Concrete resurfacing does more than improving the aesthetics; it also enhances property value. Rejuvenating the underlying surface prevents the space from looking neglected.

 If you’re selling your home or business, know that potential buyers look favorably on concrete resurfacing. This service shows that you invested in your property well.

 Furthermore, consider decorative touches to your concrete resurfacing. Stamped concrete and pops of color also delight potential buyers.




Driveways, patios, and other outdoor spaces take the immense strain from the elements. Indoor spaces must deal with a different yet equally damaging type of wear and tear.

The new concrete surface is durable because of its products. Contractors use a blend of cement, fine sand, polymer modifiers, and bonding agents to create a high-strength surface.

The added aggregates often mean the resurfacing layer is stronger than the underlying concrete. These additives also make the upper surface resistant to marks, scuffing, and scratching for at least ten years.


Various Style Options


A fascinating aspect of these floor coatings is the variety of decor options available. Additives such as mica, pigments, and quartz add interest and depth to the decorative overlay.

 You can even choose from luxurious-looking options that resemble marble and stone. Furthermore, this coating has an extensive color range that can complement any home or business.

 It’s also possible to stamp in designs to add texture and further personalize the design. Popular looks include:

  • Cobblestones
  • Brick paving
  • Tiling
  • Intricate patterns

 Are you looking for a practical surface for a workshop or a show-stopping retail floor? Consider concrete resurfacing.


Easy to Maintain


The typical concrete surface is highly durable. However, its porous nature is a significant weakness. Fortunately, the polymer additives and bonding agents in the protective resurfacing layer reduce this quality.

Clients can sweep the flooring regularly to maintain a pristine appearance. They may hose down the surface to remove stubborn dirt and scrub away staining agents. As an added benefit, the upper surface becomes easy to clean.

Maintaining the new flooring is also simple. The overlay binds to the concrete, forming a permanent layer. Therefore, you don’t need to refinish it in a couple of years.


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