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Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Pool deck resurfacing is one of the best ways to enhance a pool deck’s appearance while giving a home a fresh new look. However, many Phoenix residents don’t understand the process or the benefits concrete pool deck resurfacing provides. That’s why Sun Valley Concrete Coatings put together a short guide to teach Phoenix homeowners everything they need to know about concrete pool deck resurfacing.


Sun Valley Concrete Coatings is one of Phoenix, AZ’s leading concrete resurfacing and coating companies. Its team offers several high-quality pool deck resurfacing options that breathe new life into even the shabbiest concrete surface. Instead of googling “pool deck resurfacing near me,” contact Sun Valley Concrete Coatings for premier pool deck resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas.


How To Resurface a Pool Deck

Damaged concrete pool decks can significantly decrease a home’s visual appeal while making it somewhat dangerous to walk on. Sharp concrete edges can cause injuries and increase the chances of someone slipping and falling. However, concrete pool deck resurfacing can make the surface as good as new again while enhancing its appearance, integrity, and more.


Follow the steps below to learn how to resurface a concrete pool deck.


Step One: Repair and Prep the Floor

Before learning how to resurface a pool deck, homeowners must repair the surface and prep the area. Fill cracks, chips, and fissures within the pool deck and use a grinder or shot blaster to smooth the surface.


Step Two: Prime and Clean the Pool Deck

Next, pressure washes the pool deck and gives the surface time to dry. Once the concrete is moisture-free, apply a high-quality primer to enhance its appearance and integrity.


Step Three: Mix the Coating Solution

After applying the primer, mix the coating solution and add color to the blend. Pool deck coating options vary, so homeowners must shop around until they find the perfect variation that matches their home’s style and design.


Step Four: Apply the Pool Deck Overlay

Next, apply the pool deck overlay using a troweling, roller, or spray until it has an alluring sheen and additional robustness. Concrete overlay pool decks withstand the elements better than traditional concrete, ensuring it lasts for decades before requiring repairs or replacement services.


Step Five: Seal and Cure the Pool Deck

Once the overlay cures, apply a high-quality sealer to enhance surface protection and stain resistance, completing the project.


Homeowners can also contact a professional pool concrete resurfacing company to handle the process and ensure optimal results. Sun Valley Concrete Coatings has extensive experience resurfacing pool decks of all shapes, sizes, and designs, ensuring homeowners receive a quality product every time they contact its team.


Contact Sun Valley Concrete Coatings for Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ

Sun Valley Concrete Coatings is Phoenix, AZ’s source for first-class pool deck resurfacing and coating services. Its selection of pool deck coatings for concrete is second to none and will take any home’s appearance to the next level without surpassing the homeowner’s financial means.


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